Hydeout: the Word

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Okay, just what is this play on the name and the correctly spelled word? It’s not meant to be confusing. It’s not a typo. It is a deliberately spelled (or misspelled) word with a similar meaning, but with specific users in mind.

It’s not too much trouble for anyone who knows our name to pick up on the play on words and the spelling of our name. Perhaps the rest of you, the ones we don’t know, yet, should get a little assist.

The dictionary defines a hideout as a place to safely hide, a sanctuary, a haven.

For our purposes the definition will be:


  •        Noun: for those of us named Hyde it means a hiding place, shelter, sanctuary, refuge from those things that would threaten us with worry or worse; a place to get away; a haven; a place to relax, chill, party or just think quietly, away from troubles; maybe most importantly, a place to rejuvenate, renew, and redeem one’s sanity and peace.
  •      Verb: to go to or utilize the function of a haven.

There are many more than one type of Hydeout. My home is one such place, as is my daughter’s house and my son’s apartment, just to name a few. And I have two brothers who both oversee their particular version of a Hydeout. We’ve each used the term to refer to our residence as our major place of security. My home is a fairly permanent location for a Hydeout. But, that does not mean all Hydeouts must be or remain in a single place. They can be quite mobile. More than one place at a time can be called a Hydeout. A Hydeout can even be a state of mind.


Home is where the heart is.

That’s why it is the first place we think of when we think shelter, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It is, of course, also the most natural and logical choice for Hydeout status. We sleep there; we eat there; we kick back and party there. We entertain and play there. And we don’t have to be alone there to maintain that status. We can invite family and friends to join us in our relaxation, or our party or our games. Sharing a Hydeout is a good thing.


Vacations should be a Hydeout.

There is definitely some question whether a journey is a trip or vacation. Some believe if you can’t relax on a vacation, you must be on a trip, instead. That’s not to say there are not moments of relaxation, but the question becomes one of quantity versus quality. How much time are you allowing yourself to let go and how much time are you devoting to being busy, or trying to accomplish your list of “things to do”? Hydeouts, as a form of relaxation, should be a necessary part of any vacation!


I love to Hydeout on the golf course.

Did you see what I did there? Yep. I used it as a verb. When I play golf, I am not thinking of the outside world very much. I am focused on my game, my playing companions, and hopefully, a wonderful venue and great weather.

We should enjoy concentrating on having fun. We should try very hard to not allow outside influences into our heads during a round of golf.

That’s why, for me, this addictive sport, this passionate attempt to attain a higher level of competence, makes it acceptable to call golf a Hydeout. It is a place I enjoy spending a lot of time and energy (not to mention a fair portion of my income) to keep myself sane and ready to take on the more difficult aspects of life.

Others may have another avocation, sport, hobby, or interest that allows them the same respite from stress and worry. And you should use them often. Again, these are necessary Hydeouts.


Head games can be a Hydeout, too.

Sometimes, as a last resort, you and I need to find a place to get away for a while, but it’s not really timely or convenient. It’s time for head games. We need to find someplace internal to escape for a few moments to allow our subconscious to sort out our next step.

Perhaps we daydream. I’ve been known to do that, sometimes to the dismay of others (sorry, honey!) Perhaps we get lost in a game or puzzle for a few minutes. Not only is it great brain exercise, it is a great getaway from worries for a short time because of the concentration required to do it well.

It’s difficult to remember problems when concentration is needed elsewhere. So, yeah, I have been guilty of taking a short mental vacation in order to come back to a challenge refreshed and ready.

And I’d call that a Hydeout.


Now, let’s have a word of caution here. Yes, it’s about computers and cell phones.

We shouldn’t completely eliminate them as a possible Hydeout mechanism, but, let’s face it: hiding behind cell phones can be totally obnoxious if we’re not careful. Of course I have games and puzzles on my smartphone. They are sometimes used for the mini-mental-vacations mentioned above. We do not, however, want to be rude! If we’re with others, using that electronic device to escape being social is not acceptable.

That’s just plain hiding; that is not the same thing as relaxing.


FAR from complicated.

Many psychologists refer to the basic formula necessary for long life, success, happiness and fulfillment as FAR, which stands for food, activity, and rest. If we use those components daily, we should maintain our health, both mentally and physically.

All those things are part of everyday life, and consequently, can be part of a Hydeout.

In our world, though, we sometimes refer to it as ESG, which, of course means: eat, sleep, golf. This is our method for many of our most successful vacations. Eat-Sleep-Golf, repeat daily. See? All the basics are covered!


We’ve listed and talked about some of our Hydeouts. We haven’t covered them all, I’m sure, but we have the idea now. Don’t we?

Whether you use a place, a time, a hobby, or a friend as your own version of a Hydeout is up to you. But, we all need one from time to time. In fact, the more often we visit them, the better we feel, the better we are, and the better we do.

Remember to take your rejuvenation tools with you when you travel, too.

Should we meet on one of our many travels, I look forward to welcoming you to my Hydeout, wherever we may be.









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