Trip or Vacation?

attachment2Or, should I call that trip versus vacation? They’re not always the same; and, sometimes they can actually conflict. I mean, a trip can very well be a vacation if treated like one. A vacation can turn into just a trip if you’re not careful.

Sometimes, all we really want to do is take a trip. We have a purpose. That purpose may not necessarily be relaxing; perhaps it’s work related; it could be a conference or convention; it could be a visit with family (and sometimes that’s work, too).

We go somewhere we either need to go or have always wanted to go, or somewhere we really enjoy already. Or, we go to visit someone we haven’t seen for a while and we hope to perhaps do other things while we’re there. We’ll just squeeze it in!

And we are prepared to do many things, see many sights, and sites. We want to eat at all those places we read or heard about. Then, when we return home, we are bushed. We have exhausted ourselves going and doing and seeing and experiencing. But when, if this was supposed to be a vacation, did we take time to refresh ourselves? Did we do anything that left us feeling rested and refreshed, or was just so much fun that we were excited about the future, at least?

As we have discussed in other places, that is one of the main functions of a Hydeout!

I read, with great interest and a great big smile, a blog post by M. Blazoned on pretty much this same subject. I agree, for the sake of humor especially, with many of that author’s views. In it, she takes aim at almost everything that might not seem to lead to relaxation and calls it a trip rather than a vacation. Of course, her perspective is from the viewpoint of a parent traveling with family, especially kids.

I don’t think, however, that I would go to quite those extremes to NOT call it anything but a trip. A vacation that ends up with me sleeping on a beach is entirely enjoyable. I’ve done that and enjoyed the heck out of it! I’ve done that more than once! But, I think that even a little break now and then can make it a vacation, or even a break from the trip. And that, my friends, is the goal!

My wife and I try to attain that goal on each and every one of our travels. Sometimes we are successful; sometimes not. I could reference our trip to Panama as a trip, for instance. We went there with the express intent to explore the area for possible relocation, future vacations, and to otherwise familiarize ourselves with a new venue. The side excursion to Isla Saboga in the Pearl Islands (Islas de Las Perlas) during that week, though, was definitely the vacation or break portion from our time there. It wasn’t the only fun or relaxing thing we did on that exploratory trip by a long shot, but it was the most hours of relaxation we enjoyed at a single time, so, therefore, memorable. That was surely a Hydeout.

  • Anywhere can be a Hydeout. (Hydeout: noun; a place where those of us named Hyde can have fun, relax, chill, party, live comfortably, or even… hide out from the woes of the world. Others are welcome, upon invitation, to join us from time to time; we like to share).

Whether one travels with kids or other relatives or not should not be a qualification for a trip versus a vacation. Oh, it could be; but, it doesn’t have to be. If you can’t have fun with your kids, why do you have them? If you consider them work, or something to get away from most of the time, you need more than a vacation. A babysitter will never be enough. You may need a new attitude and serious counseling.

But, this is not a parenting blog. This is a travel blog; it’s even a vacation blog. This is a golf blog,too ; it is sometimes a food blog. All these are rolled into one, in no particular order!

So, friends, I hope you get some small benefit, at least, from reading about our travels and travails from time to time. I hope you enjoy many travels of your own. And, please, find a way to take your own version of a Hydeout with you, every time.

If we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or comment. Click the appropriate link on the page; get on our mailing list, if you wish. Linda can even assist with travel arrangements. I get to supervise. Okay, that’s a stretch. I get to watch sometimes.

Ciao! Hasta luego. Bon voyage. Aloha!




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  1. The question now is, is a trip or a vacation? I like what you said during your opening paragraph. A vacation can be a trip if not treated rightly and vice versa.

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